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Our Story

It all started in 2004 when our co-founders Mark Mahoney and Mike Carper put their heads together based on their combined interests in gymnastics and software development. Their goal was to help businesses that offered classes for tuition find a faster, simpler, and more convenient way to operate. Their solution was online class management software.

Mark and Mike created a company based on the values of integrity, reliability, efficiency and function, with a company culture that revolves around working hard while having fun and delivering excellence. Making sure that everyone is happy and has the right tools to do their jobs translates into team members who do whatever it takes for Jackrabbit’s customers.

Today, we have 40+ employees dedicated to serving over 3,500 customers in 50 states and 20 countries.


Why we do what we do

We are passionate about helping class-based businesses who want to boost their performance in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace. It matters because when we work together, our shared success helps kids shape their future and supports lifelong learning for everyone. Oh, and where else can you go to work and get to see everyone in bunny ears?

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Meet the Jackrabbit Team–thriving on the challenges and bringing it everyday with all-out enthusiasm.

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Meet the Advisory Board–our insightful business gurus who are sharing their wisdom and showing the way.

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Gary  Gantz
Gary Gantz
KIDS Are TOPS Sports Center (President)
Patti Komara
Patti Komara
The Tumblebear Connection (Founder), Patti's All American (Owner)
Sue Mackie
Sue Mackie
United States Swim School Association (Executive Director), Aquatics Unlimited (Owner)

Outreach–giving back

We love helping our customers make a difference in the lives of their students and we often find opportunities to act on our own as well. Learn more about Grain of Wheat International, the charity we support, below.

Awards–striving to do our best

We are very pleased to be recognized for doing our best for our customers and employees.

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News and Events–stay up-to-date

Engaging, connecting, and inspiring... there’s always something great going on at Jackrabbit.

Our Beliefs and Values

What makes our company what it is today are our core values and beliefs that are adhered to by one and all in our organization and they include:


Our company values honesty and truthfulness above all else in its interactions. Our thoughts, words, and actions shall be the same. We shall try our utmost to fulfill promises and honor commitments.


Our company shall be fair in all its dealings with people inside and outside. We will follow rules, norms, and procedures, not only to the letter, but in spirit as well; we will show common decency in all our dealings with people; we will not exploit undue advantages; and we will respect the rights of others.


Our company values innovative thinking, innovative approaches, and innovative solutions in our regular work life. We will always look for better ways of doing things; we will seek new ideas to solve problems; and we will experiment with new concepts, ideas and solutions.


Our company believes that trust is an important ingredient for effectively functioning within the organization and with the outside world. While we shall protect our legitimate business interests, we would also approach the people, issues and associations with straightforwardness, optimism, and positive outlook.


Our company values the individual belief of ownership and accountability. All our employees are an integral part of the company and have a high stake in its well being, as well as in shaping its destiny. Individually and collectively we assume responsibility for all our actions and their consequences.

Customer Delight

Our customers and consumers deserve the best deal from us. We shall aim not to just satisfy them but to deliver more than their expectations to delight them.